This Is How To Determine Distance And Numbers Of Projectors For Video Mapping

Measure the fields already. Then, what was done afterward? Yup! Determine the number of projectors and their positions that are safe, comfortable, and optimal. In this article, we will learn to count and calculate the distance and number of projectors that we need from the size of the 3D Mapping field that we have.

This is one way or the other. In a projector installation, the projection distance is predetermined. The area around the installation greatly influences this distance determination.

Whether our installation is in a large open area, or in a room that has to hang the projector for safe installation.

1. Basically, each type of projector has a different light shooting distance limit. We have to find out the best distance to the projector we have where it is also the optimal viewing distance for the audience. If it is maximal, it can be locked, it is the ideal projector distance.

2. Then we will get the area covered by the projection light, then measure according to the results. Use these measurements as a guide for calculating the number of projectors to cover the entire field of the video mapping.

3. Make a working image that shows the area of ​​the field and the area of ​​the projection so that technically we can calculate the number of projectors needed and prepare the backup as well.

This is technically the simplest. Because we are like a demo with a tool that we use for video mapping later. So that it is easy for us to get the optimal distance from the available projectors.

But what if we can’t do a projection demo?

Another way is that we can make assumptions and calculate them with the projection calculator which can be accessed openly on the projection central and digital projection websites. Several brands have also provided this software to make it easier for users such as Epson, Panasonic, Christie, and others.

Quite simple right? But keep in mind that the projector has many additional tools such as lenses which can also make it easier to get the optimal distance from the position we specify. So there are other ways by using additional tools or software.

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