How To Decorate A Narrow Room

Decorating a wooden house with a minimalist room area is difficult because it needs consideration so that a narrow room can still look wide. However, you don’t need to be confused anymore because there are ways to solve it. The narrow room in a wooden house can be decorated in such a form to make it appear wider by paying attention to the color selection. In this case, make sure you choose a neutral color. Choosing colors such as neutral colors will greatly affect the room. Of the many neutral colors, white is often used in narrow houses. White is also often used for exterior painting woodstock in wooden houses. Even though there are still many choices of other color combinations that are no less beautiful.

In addition to the commonly used white color, several colors should not be chosen for painting walls in a narrow room. A wooden house that has a reduced room size will look more beautiful when equipped with the right wall color. So by choosing a paint color for the right wooden house, you will make the room look more spacious and comfortable. You can also apply your favorite color of choice. But with a note, the color you choose does not make the room in your wooden house look more cramped.

The right room lighting technique must also be considered, for example by choosing a warm yellow lamp that is comfortable to wear for a certain duration of time. Then, choose some room furniture and accessories with a minimalist design but not sharp angles. Besides, choose materials for floors, furniture, and accessories that are made from natural materials such as wood and stone to make the room feel warmer and more comfortable. You need to remember that don’t put things that are not needed so that it doesn’t make the room even narrower.

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