Have You Tried These Tricks To Raise Your Dog Appetite?

Some dogs also don’t like it if the texture of the food given is too dry and hard. If this is what makes your dog refuse to eat, then you can add a little water to dry food and allow it to soften which is also good for treating symptoms of dehydration in dogs. The water given should be able to soften the feed but not too much. Leave the water on the food for about 1 minute until the feed absorbs the water before giving it to your dog. Aside from that, you may also want to buy healthy dog food toppers to improve the nutrients and taste of your dog food.

Then, you can also try adding broth to dog food. This method is almost the same as adding water to dog food but with a little added flavor to dog food. You can add a low-salt stock such as meat stock or fish stock but make sure it doesn’t contain basic ingredients like yeast or salt. Dogs are less able to digest foods that contain salt so that it can interfere with the kidneys if forced to consume these foods.

Furthermore, like humans, dogs also have a sense of taste, so it is very good to add spices to dog food to increase their appetite. Some spices are safe to give to dogs that have a special aroma so that it is more tempting for your dog to eat these foods as well as good for treating sick dogs. You can add oregano which is very high in antioxidants, rosemary which contains iron, calcium, and vitamin B6, peppermint which can help your dog’s digestion, basil or parsley which contains antioxidants by sprinkling some of these herbs in your dog’s food.

Finally, the liver is also very good given to dogs which is not only useful for increasing appetite but also contains several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, and iron, so it is also good to give to overcome the characteristics of sick dogs. The aroma of the liver mixed in the food will make the dog’s appetite increase. But do not give the liver too often to dogs because the high vitamin A contained in the liver can cause bone disorders.

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