Former President Of The United States Limousine

Presidential vehicles have very strict safety and security standards. It is only natural that the number one car in the country is equipped with various advanced features. One of them is a limousine ride by the former President of the United States. Trump’s Cadillac limousine, dubbed The Beast, is priced at $1.5 million. The car was first ordered in 2014 and debuted four years later (2018). This car uses the Cadillac brand but is built using a General Motors (GM) truck chassis. Not only is Trump’s car bulletproof, but the tires also contain Kevlar which can be worn by a bulletproof vest. You can feel the sensation of riding in a limousine like the presidents by hiring the services of Limo Service Los Angeles. Choose your favorite limousine, and don’t forget to prioritize safety when driving.

The Beast is deliberately designed to deal with the worst risks that can happen to Donald Trump. In addition to being bulletproof, the limousine is also capable of withstanding explosions, as well as chemical and biological weapons attacks. The exterior material is eight inches and the windows are five inches thick. The weight of the vehicle reaches 20 thousand pounds or the equivalent of 9,071 kilograms. The weight of the door is the same as the door of a Boeing 757. Uniquely, this presidential car is equipped with a refrigerator containing the same type of blood supply as Trump. This is in anticipation if the president is injured.

This car is also equipped with a tear gas launcher to open the way if there are crowds that get in the way. At the Motorcade, the presidential car will be placed after the inspector’s car and the police motorbike, making it safer and more efficient. For your information, The Beast is also used by Secret Service troops (presidential guards) along with the 2009 Cadillac DTS which was used during the era of President Barack Obama. The security of state officials is indeed a priority so the vehicles they use must also be the best and can minimize damage in the event of an attack.

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