Do You Want To Know How To Wash Carpets Effectively?

The carpet is one of the home furnishings that often makes us lazy if it’s dirty. Dirty carpets collect a lot of dust which can cause respiratory problems to allergies. However, the price for washing carpets is indeed quite expensive, especially if you have more than one carpet. We actually best carpet cleaner wash machine can do it, you know, wash the carpet yourself at home without being musty. Try this method of washing carpets so that your carpets come back shiny without being musty. Aside from that, if you don’t have the time to wash the carpet yourself, you can call Carpet Cleaning Sydney.

Before washing the carpet, clean it first

Washing furniture or items full of dust directly using water should be avoided, you know. This is the same as spreading dust and dirt on the carpet and making it more difficult to wash it. Try to first clean the carpet from dust using a vacuum cleaner or thresher so that dust and all dirt will be lifted when washed using water.

Wash the carpet using the hanging method

Washing the carpet by stretching it will end up leaving some dirty spots because clean water does not flow properly. Hang the carpet on the rope that stretches like drying clothes. How To hang a carpet will allow water and dirt to flow freely down. Besides being cleaner, hanging the carpet from the start also makes you no longer need to lift the carpet when you are going to dry it.

Use a special carpet soap

Carpet material is made from different materials from our everyday clothes. Therefore, use a special carpet cleaning liquid to wash it. If you don’t have carpet laundry soap, try replacing it with baby soap. The chemical concentration is lower and there is less risk of damaging the carpet material.

Rinse it more than twice

After the carpet is gently rubbed clean to each end, rinse the foam from the carpet 2 times. Use a water spray to make it cleaner and not leave foam on the carpet surface. Pay attention to small gaps, for example, the corner of the seam, which is usually the place for the pile of dirt.

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