Do not choose the color of the front door carelessly!

In feng shui science, the front door of the house is an important element because this part is the entrance to the flow of good energy, namely Chi. This energy will affect all the energy in the house. In the science of feng shui, it is also stated that the choice of color will affect the elements around it. So it is clear that the choice of gray and white house exterior paint colors for the front door of the house cannot be arbitrary.

The feng shui element from the east is wood, so if the front door of your house faces east then a good color choice is one that uses wood elements such as green or brown. It has wooden elements, just like the doors facing east so green or brown is still the best choice. Other elements that can support the wood element are the water and earth elements, which are blue or yellow in color. The southeast direction is also associated with energy prosperity and finance. In feng shui science, south is the direction associated with the fire element, so the correct color for this element is red. Other colors that go well with this element are yellow, purple, orange, pink, and magenta. Combine the colors to match the walls of your home. The energy associated with the southwest direction is paired energy so that it is suitable for the energy of the world of love and marriage. The colors suitable for this direction are earth colors which are yellow or brown like sand.

The best colors for doors that face west are those that contain metallic elements such as white and gray. Another color choice that goes with this direction is the earth color. North is the only directly related to the water element in feng shui science. The best door color choices for this door direction are black or blue. North direction also has to do with energy from career and life journey. If the color does not match the color of the walls of the house, another alternative is to use the color of the metal elements, namely white or gray.

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