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Common Myths and Facts about Fur Carpets

The comfort and luxury offered by floor mats make it a popular choice to decorate residential floors. Especially now that there are more and more options available that can be tailored to the needs and style of your home. One of them is a fur rug. Keep in mind that buying carpets or rugs are not as easy as when you buy food or drinks. There is a complex set of processes that you have to go through. And in determining the best carpet choice, where to wash the best carpet, such as the Carpet Cleaning North Shore, often requires knowledge. But unfortunately, there is so much misinformation about carpets that it is more trusted.

Many believe that mechanical rugs are much more durable than handmade rugs. That’s wrong though. Hand-made rugs with weaving techniques by skilled hands make them stronger and more durable than machine-made rugs. Another myth circulating is that Silk carpets mean pure silk. It’s just a myth that unfortunately many people believe. Because silk carpets may mean a kind of pure carpet or also artificial. The best tip to find out if the carpet you are buying is pure silk or synthetic carpet is to do a ‘burn test’. Not only from the type but in the treatment there is also a myth that is often misunderstood, namely that carpets can only be cleaned in the laundry. The most recommended for cleaning carpets, especially fur carpets is to submit it to a Sydney dry wet carpet service. Because laundry usually uses chemicals to clean carpets. And this can chance to damage the surface and color of the carpet.

If you are not familiar with fur rugs, then one of these myths you may have heard is that contemporary rugs are the most suitable for modern designs. Don’t even believe in this myth. Know that contrary to these beliefs, modern home decorating styles can also be paired with traditional carpets. And if you are interested in combining traditional rugs with modern styles, the choice is Persian motifs.

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