Knowing The Quality Of Various Kinds Of Long Poles

The discussion about piles is indeed very important, especially for those of you who do work in the field of development. Piles not only have one type, but piles have various types of different materials and of course, the quality of each is also different. Here we will tell you about the type of pile or what is usually known as the foundation. For the first type of pile, there are concrete piles. This type of pile is often chosen for the basic foundation by CMI LC of high-rise buildings. The process of installing piles made of concrete will be more time-consuming and requires energy because the process for installation is fairly complicated.

If you want the pile with this concrete material to be installed perfectly, then you have to check into the ground. The length of the concrete pile must be equal to its weight, this is why the selection process to determine the building point to the tools whose installation also requires a fairly complicated process. Furthermore, the type of pile is made of steel. This type of foundation is made of steel with sheet piling, this is quite good and strong. And that’s why steel piles are often used as the foundation for the construction of piers.

With the strength of this steel material can withstand impacts during the driving process. In addition, this type of pile has a high level of capability and can be easily connected when connecting. The last type is wooden stakes. This type of pile is often used for the construction of wooden houses. The advantage of this type of pile is that it is quite light in weight so that in terms of installation or lifting, it is quite easy. In addition, the type of wooden pile has pretty good traction so that the erection process will also feel easy.

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