It’s Safe to Overtake Other Cars on the Road, Make Sure of This

When driving on the highway, of course, we should not be careless. There is etiquette in driving that must be known and obeyed. One of the driving etiquettes that drivers must understand is tips for overtaking vehicles correctly from mobile tyre fitting essex. Overtaking other vehicles is a normal activity when driving a car on the road. Even so, there is an appropriate precedence procedure so that in its implementation it does not cause problems such as accidents. Incidents on the highway often arise because one or both parties do not comply with the recommended driving rules. Besides being patient and alert, the keyword for overtaking another vehicle is “Make sure”.

The most important factor in using public facilities such as roads is public safety. You don’t have to force yourself to do something unnecessary, like should you get ahead if you’re not in a hurry? Keep your emotions and stay alert, avoid wanting to compete with other drivers just because you don’t want to pass your car which will trigger problems. In addition to using the right lane when overtaking vehicles, it is also required to ensure that there is clear visibility when overtaking. Next, make sure that there is sufficient overtaking space in the sense that no vehicle from the opposite direction in front is approaching. The reason is, insufficient overtaking space will be very dangerous.

There are reasons why road signs and markings are installed, one of which is related to road conditions. Such as uninterrupted road markings at bends or bridges that indicate that you are prohibited from overtaking or changing lanes due to impossible road conditions. Or signs are prohibited from overtaking when passing through hilly areas. Take advantage of the side mirrors and in the car to monitor the condition of the road behind before overtaking. Is there another vehicle in the back that wants to overtake? Or if on the toll road, are there other vehicles in the right lane traveling at high speed? Likewise from the opposite direction for 2-way roads, make sure there are no other vehicles and you have enough space to return to the left lane.

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