3 Signs of a Plumbing Fraud

Plumbing services are not cheap. Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as many people may expect. There are many ads about plumbing services out there, that’s why if you are not careful, you could end up with a plumbing fraud. They do the job poorly and want to get paid expensively. That’s why in many states of the country, a plumber requires the plumbing license in order to keep the frauds and scams at bay. In order to help you avoid the plumbing frauds, the wants to share with you about the 3 signs of a plumbing fraud.

1. The plumber insisted on bringing the spare parts by his own
It’s a sugar coated fraud which is targeting the unsuspected homeowner. The spare parts that he brings usually the cheap ones that need to be replaced shortly so you may call him again. It’d be best for you to buy your own spare parts so you can get the best spare parts in the store.

2. He brings more people to work
At first, he starts to fix all the problems by himself. Then, he will tell you that he had more problems and needs some help from his co-workers. When the job is done, he’ll ask you to pay more for the extra hands he brings on the job. It makes you difficult to refuse due to the job already done. Make sure in advance that you don’t get extra charged by for the extra plumbers.

3. He tries to fool you
A fraud plumber will likely to tell you about sudden emergencies of your pipes and water systems. He might say that if you don’t fix it immediately, your pipes will likely to blow up! Don’t panic, just think carefully about how a “fine” pipe could go “boom” in just a single night. It’s not likely to happen. You might also want to consider finding another plumber with better services.

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